Shop Story

So how did I get started with Sawdust & Sweet Tea?

I've always loved crafting, creating, and DIY's, so when we were looking for our current home, a craft room was on the top of my wish list.  When I saw the shop set up in the basement, I was SOLD...but the rest of the house needed some major TLC. 

That summer, I did so much fixin' uppin'!  I shiplapped, painted anything vertical, made a laundry basket stacker shelf and shared it all on my insta.  Many friends began to encourage me to make other things like wooden planters, shelves, etc.  One of my dearest friends asked me about making shiplap chargers, and that was the nudge I needed to turn my "just for fun" into a business. 

With the help of my wonderful hubby, my shop became official in January 2019! Over the last couple of years, I've learned so much from the maker world, and Lord willing, I will continue to grow as an artist and business owner.  One thing that I hope will remain constant is the joy being a shop owner brings!